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Modern cloud applications


AppEngines specializes in building modern cloud applications. We use the latest technology, running exclusively on the Amazon Web Services cloud.


We use a number of AWS features, including Lambda, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, Cognito, SNS.

All of our back-end work is completely serverless, using the Lambda service to run our business logic without the need to deploy and provision virtual machines. Combined with Cognito, API Gateway, CloudFront and DynamoDB, we implement a robust REST API for all of the application's functionality.

All front-end work uses a modern JavaScript framework. Our front-end applications are all single page, offering desktop-like performance and features. All HTML, JS, CSS and other assets are deployed with S3 and CloudFront. Again, no servers are ever used.

Why Serverless?

Running without servers offers many advnantages:

  • Reduced Costs. With serverless, you only pay for the time the functions actually use. You never pay for idle resources.
  • Enhanced Security. No servers means that there is no footprint for attackers to access.
  • Automatic Scaling. AWS will launch multiple copies of functions as load increases, automatically handling any scaling issues. There is no need to deploy more servers or manage load.
  • Ease of Maintenance. There are no servers to maintain, no operating systems to patch, or third party software to update.
  • Greater Visibility. Each function is a separate entity that runs in its own environment. Each run of the function can be tracked. This is much better than an opaque web server hosting many functions.